Facebook expanding to include Instagram

Facebook is definitely the number social networking site that has dominated most of the people comprising the entire population. Even before Facebook underwent developments, improvements and major changes, it was able to successfully captured the attention of many and gradually rise up to fame and recognition it has now earned. Apart from the fact that Facebook allows people to communicate, especially in long distances, Facebook became equally famous for the applications that only such social networking offers such as going for online chatting, playing games while being connected to the site and most particularly sharing of pictures and videos.

Instagram is another famous application that has become widely known as well. Besides the fact that it can produce images of high quality, instagram permits users to make changes, add effects and adjust the colors of the image to make the image appealing and interesting as well. In addition to that, Instagram creates new trend of photos other than the common photo effects.

And with the news of Facebook planning to purchase Instagram, it is indeed great, surprising and exciting news to look forward to. For many years, people have been trying to capture images of perfect moments, especially during travel and on the road. And with instagram getting compatible with the features that Facebook has, no one person can surely complain of how communication has been advancing.

Especially in today’s modern era where most people rely on connecting to the Internet through the use of mobile, Instagram-Facebook mash up will surely create another trend that will grab the attention of photographers but also of the common individuals who aspire to have images of high quality, by just a few clicks away. Indeed, purchasing Instagram is one of the best moves Facebook will be undertaking.

With Facebook acquiring Instagram, perfect moments will always be captured at a better angle.

December 2012
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